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Beyond the handicap!

Your disability doesn’t reduce your skills. So surpass it and reveal to the world your talent because talent doesn’t make difference. You doubt it?

Do you know that Homer was blind, Jean-Jacques Rousseau was suffering from motor disorders, Louis Jouvet stuttered and that Glenn Gould was agoraphobic?

Have you not heard of the couple from Mali, Amadou & Mariam, blind but very famous singers? I indulge you to listen to one of their songs that I particularly love

In spite of their disabilities, great men and women have risen beyond the belief expressed in them, to achieve beautiful, great, unique and extraordinary feats to the benefit of humanity. These people were able to do with their disability, that which their talent otherwise wouldn’t have attained.

You reading this, what do you see beyond your disability?

Do you know your disability can be a great strength if you so desire?

Do you not want to be the next great man who is celebrated?

Do you know that you are unique and you have a mission on this earth for which you were born?

What is your vision in life? Do you have one? If not, then, what do you expect? Make a personal evaluation of yourself, discover that vision.

Save it as an audio or video.

If you are unable to listen to it every day, listen every week, especially when you’re in despair, when you feel like giving up or when people look down on you. It’ll surely take you to a time in history with all those great men and women.

Surpass your disability and Innovate!

If you also know people with disabilities who have risen above their disabilities, do not hesitate to send us their names and stories via email;


Fresh look on the person with disabilities


The definition of the word disability doesn’t have a unanimous meaning because of the diversity in the way a disability can manifest.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities adopted by the General Assembly in 2006 and ratified by Benin 5 July 2012, define persons with disabilities as “those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments whose interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others. »

The perceptions built around disability prevent these people the full enjoyment of all human rights because they are regarded as exceptions, or abnormalities.

People with disabilities are therefore people with specific needs. And this specificity gives rise in our African societies, particularly in Benin to multiple interpretations, most of which are closely linked to culture. Often, in African culture, the person with a disability is a curse, a sick person, a misfit, incompetent, the result of a punishment from the gods, a shame, in short « a corruption of the human race ». For in the words Bienvenu Bio BONI, a beninese writer, a blind  whose you will discover the story in my next articles « all people live with disabilities. They ignore the ones they do not choose to see « 

These different perceptions built around disability prevent these people the full enjoyment of all human rights because they are regarded as exceptions, or abnormalities.

In Africa, people with disabilities can languishing under the weight of socio-cultural constraints and be subjected to daily social and institutional discrimination. They can live in abject poverty, in idleness, be engaged in begging,  or even waiting for death.

The person with disabilities should avoid fatality. S /he must realize that s/he has enormous potential; s/he is competent and able to amaze the world

My blog will not be the space to deliver a theoretical discussion of the problems of people with disabilities, nor will it be the space to look at the legal framework for people with disabilities in Benin. It will rather be used to show a different side to people living with disabilities.  It will be a space that will allow the person with disabilities to trust in his/her self, to realize that s/he has enormous potential; s/he is competent and able to amaze the world, contributing decisively sustainable development to the community and nation.

This blog  is a space for you, dear readers, who give reasons not to live your life, you who think that nature is against you, you who strive against your fate.

This blog is there to reassure you that whatever your weaknesses are and where you are, you do not have a reason not to succeed. Finally, this blog wants to encourage the whole society to take a fresh look at the person with disabilities,  and to take an inclusive approach toward successful integration of all in the socio-economic, professional and political life of our country.

« Disability exists only in the eyes of others»