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He invented a system that changed the world in spite of his blindness

Louis-BrailleBlind from the age of three, Louis Braille learned to read at a school for the blind in Paris at that time, books for the blind could weigh up to a hundred pounds! Inspired by the points back on the dice, he invented the reading and writing in Braille. Follow the incredible story of an amazing child, courageous, ambitious, visionary … and yet blind!

In 1812, a three year old boy playing in the leather workshop of his father in Coupvray in France, when he had an accident that would change the course of his life. Louis Braille accidentally dug a punch in the eye: the metal end made him blind in one eye and infection left him totally blind soon.

Great misfortune may strike us and impact our lives tremendously, but we can decide whether or not this will definitely slow us

Louis was a bright boy and he won a scholarship to study in a school for the blind in Paris. It was not a particularly nice place. Students were often fed bread and water, and sometimes as punishment, they were locked. At this school, Louis and other blind children learned to play several musical instruments (he became expert to play the organ and cello) and also learned to read. At that time, books for the blind used letters raised with metallic son under the paper and some of these books could weigh more than fifty pounds!

One day, a visit to the school to soldier spoke of a system of code he had invented in the French army. He used dots and dashes in relief on a piece of paper to allow soldiers to send messages in the dark while remaining silent.

Louis Braille will fight and going to invent a system that revolutionized the world, and is still used today

Louis and other children found him too confusing system, but the basic idea remained in the boy’s head. He began to experiment with different ways to create a language using raised dots on paper – and for that, he used the same punch that made him blind! One day, Louis Braille was able to pick up a pair of dice and feel the six points on one side. Here’s how the inspiration came to him. He quickly developed a code for each letter of the alphabet with numbers and symbols as periods and question marks, while using no more than six points. The idea was simply revolutionary!

The great advantage of this system is that we could read each letter or symbol, with the tip of the finger. With practice, a player could run his finger along a line and read very quickly. The other great thing is that the blind using the Braille system could read and write. His system has opened the door to a new world!

It took many years for the Braille system takes off fully. The fame of the system has continued to spread even after the death of Louis in 1852. Few people can say they have invented a whole new system of reading and writing, but Louis Braille, the blind, has fact. Moreover, its system has been adopted worldwide and is now available in almost all the languages spoken by humans.

Whoever you are, whatever you have as a problem, as a disease, such as weakness … you have your place in this world … and if you want, you can change it! Never give up, never, never!

Story from the book Inspiration to LIVE YOUR MAGIC!, Larry Anderson took on